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Re: Re: bat weight

Posted by: nashay (tynickendra@verizon.net) on Wed Nov 22 18:50:42 2006

> > does the length of a bat affect how far a person hits the ball?
> how does the weight of abat affect the distance that the ball goes?
> Yes it does. The reason why is that the length of the bat affects the timing regarding the ball bat collision. This has more to do with how the weight is distributed regarding the bat. A player that uses a 34 inch 32 ounce bat will get a different result than a player who uses a 32 inch 32 ounce bat. Remember that a player who hits the ball off the end of the bat will loose considerable distance than if he hits the ball off the sweet spot. The bat that allows the player to hit the ball on the sweet spot more often will achieve the greatest distance.


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