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Re: Re: Re: Re: The Perfect Mechanics

Posted by: () on Thu Oct 4 16:00:40 2001

Joe, I was refering to people who roll their hands over too early, or start extending their arms too early, creating a wide arc, thus creating a "palm front/palm back" look, which isn't good.
> Ruben


I am assuming you mean rolling the wrist over in the contact area. Some people do roll their wrist over too soon but that is not the problem, its a symptom.

Rolling the wrist in the contact area is caused by not turning the hips first. More accuratly its done by people who do not use their body in the swing, just their arms. If your swing starts with the hips (I know it actually starts with the
feet that thats not how it should be taught) you would have to force your wrist over in the hitting area.

Joe A.


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