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Re: Strdie/no-stride

Posted by: Burgess () on Wed Dec 29 13:48:50 1999

> Brand new to this site so I may be bringing up a very old subject. My daughter's fastpitch travel team just hired a hitting instructor teaching a wide stance/no-stride approach. Very uncomfortable for most girls producing weak and late swings. Any evidence this is something we should stick with. I see very few MLB hitters hitting without a stride.
> Thanks, Bill

yeah, this one gets beat to death however in my opinion the modified stride or nonstride can be pretty effective. problem is: with your FP girls, they are battling years and 1000s of stride cuts burned into their muscle memory. Mechanical confusing has set in. It takes a few hundred cuts to just get it comfortable. a few months more to make it more effective then their current stride method. The mound doesn't get any furthur away for the girls like it does for the boys so timing I believe gets even more critical. Nostride can give the edge in FP more so then in baseball. I would start from the beginning in their offseason, drycuts then the other, If you have a season going on someplace warm, then I don;t know what this coach is thinking changing mechanics midstream. It is worth exploring, My son has switched over with good results, He swung the bat a few hundred times each week metered until the bat speed reached his stride speed, and then he started hitting balls with it. it's quick and short to the ball with some fierce rotation through the ball. My only advise is, It is a offseason project.


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