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To: Coach Tommmm

Posted by: Lau Jr. (lauhitting@yahoo.comm) on Sat Oct 6 01:07:31 2001

Hey JG,
> >
> > The next time you make a big deal out of correcting another person's honest mistake, maybe you should do a little research yourself. Actually, George Brett hit .390 in 1980. Did you conveniently omit that you had not actually checked your stats after being so critical of another person who was off by a couple of batting points.
> >
> > Granted, this site is generally not geared to the players who
> hit like Tony Gwynn, high average with little or no power. Rather, this site is focuses on the mechanics used by great homerun hitters and hitters with a high slugging percentage. The McGwire's, Griffey's, Bonds', Piazza's, Edmonds' of the world to name a few - the players that hit around .300 and 40 homeruns per year, and yes, during George Brett's time he would have fit into this crowd.
> >Coach- If you did your homework you would know that If your front leg firms up-Like Mr.Lau said in his book, You have a very agressive full rotation of the hips. Even the best hip rotation without the proper use of the hands- which delivers the stored energy to the ball is useless, unless the hands and hips work together. Why dont you do your homework and then write a book so you can finally be quotable...
> Sweet Swings,
> Charley Lau Jr.
> > Regarding Brett's swing, I have learned how to do careful swing analysis, certainly with the insight that I have gained from Mr. Mankin, and you are wrong, and so is Lau because all that Brett had in common with Lau was a long stride. After the stride, the similarities between Lau's style and Brett's swing ends. Once Brett begins to swing (stide and weigh shift has stopped), he uses the mechanics recommended on this site. Brett applied outstanding rotational mechanics; in particular, he had great shoulder rotation.
> >
> > Yes, I will forgive your simple mistake (even though you were wrong while reprimanding another), but I would encourage you to quit hanging on to that dying breed (linear swing mechanics) and at least start learning the rotational mechanics style, so that you cannot only sound more knowledgeable, but you will also be able to see for yourself that Brett's swing is nearly opposite of Lau's fatal teachings.
> >
> > Coach Tom

Tom- sorry I can't call you coach because that would be to respectfull! You obviously do not know much about hitting, I feel sorry for all the kids you ruined thinking you did know. George Brett has always stated that Charley Lau Sr; Is the reason he was elected to the hall of fame. Get your medication re- filled you idiot!
Charley Lau Jr. Bye the way, Mr.Brett wrote the forward to my new book!
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