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Re: softball for RQL

Posted by: () on Sat Oct 6 10:14:33 2001

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> > > Mike Candrea is the most successful current college coach.He was at UCLA then went to Arizona where he has won the most national championships.He is a"thought leader" in coaching hitting and mechanics,but as with most,his available videos and articles are mechanically deeply confusing.The national association/ASA believes there is a single method of instruction that should be taught to youth,but have been unable to articulate what this is in spite of a "consensus" hitting conference including Candrea and other luminaries that was supposed to produce a monograph that has never appeared.I suspect he is re-thinking his approach to mechanics because he has not published much recently and is said(WCWS interview)to be studying a lot of video/3D reconstructions of hitters.Maybe he is starting to see more "reality".
> > >
> > > He is successful because he can recruit the best,almost to a John Wooden like degree,and he does know enough to let good hitters' mechanics alone.The kids still benefit greatly from training and drills.He has a truly great understanding of all other facets of the game and is a great motivator.
> > >
> > > Stay away from his mechanics instructions would be my advice.He teaches "no stride","no separation","swing down","linear mechanics" in his old stuff.Take a look at his best hitters.They don't do this in reality,always a red flag.
> > >
> > > The great problem/opportunity in college ball now is hitting the inside pitch.The pitchers increase their domination here with the screwball.Only rotational mechanics will allow good plate coverage and the ability to hit the middle in pitch without excessive adjustments(guessing,getting way off the palte,etc.)Coaches are trying to figure out how to do this.How to do it is all explained here.Rotational mechanics are also best for separation/keeping the hands back/dealing with the offspeed stuff which is the second big bat killer out there.Your understanding is way ahead of Candreas.Still, lots of his players are intermittently executing rotational mechanics,the players and coaches are just not aware of it.Video review of actual players confirms this,if you know what to look for.
> >
> >
> > The problem with fastpitch hitting at all levels is that the "experts" such as Mike Candrea are accpted as knowledgable. Look at his tape "Hitting Mechanics" and you will know that he dosen't know much.
> >
> > The fact that the college game is dominated by pitching is proof. Mike Candrea dosn't have a hitting team. If they score 2 or 3 runs in a game they win 99 % of the time.
> >
> > The dominance of pitchers in college is greater than in high school. Why is that? Because the pitchers get older, stronger and gain more experience but the hitting skilles remain the same because they don't know how to teach hitting.
> >
> > I have personnally talked to 13 college coaches about hitting. Guess what, they buy tapes and ask the same questions about hitting as HS coaches do.
> >
> > Joe A.
> Joe, that was a very interesting comment you made. I anxiously await the positive feedback you will receive from that response.

Interestingly enough. It sounded about right and was calmly and eloquently delivered. I would add though, that, with the shorter pitching distance and greater movement potential of the big ball, I believe fastpitch hitting is inherently somewhat more difficult. But then, Joe A. said as much with his analysis of the distance problems a hitter faces in fastpitch. Much worse than the prevalence of linear mechanics IMO, is the way they apply them. I have a tape of a lead off fastpitch hitter who, although she rotates around a fixed axis, throws her hands and uses her bat in a linear fashion. She was VERY effective at the top levels,in punching line drives and one hop grounders to the opposite field and her obp was excellent. The two keys I believe, were, she got her bathead path in line with the ball path and she didn't try to be a power hitter with placement hitter mechanics. IOW, the ugliest thing in fastpitch hitting is the girls who are chopping down on the ball with a full swing. (Slappers are a different category)

Certainly rotational mechanics are the way when it comes to power and avg. But when first base is only 60' away it opens up some other possibilities to the girl with speed such as the slapper puncher types. Still got to have someone to drive in runs though. It takes a lot of short singles strung together to score many runs but one big bang mixed in there with the singles makes all the difference.

Mark H.

Mark H.


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