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Throw Bat

Posted by: R B () on Sun Oct 7 20:18:01 2001

Jack, from your various materials and postings, I have concluded that you are misguided on this topic.

Some of your ideas I agree with, for example, the circular hand path. As far as top hand torque is concerned, I simply do not understand it. I saw your tape (borrowed from a friend)and I think I will buy it, because I do see the potential for me understanding top hand torque & maybe even agreeing with it.

But back to the subject at hand. It seems that you object to the concept of throwing the hands at the ball under the misguided notions that (a) the hands/bat will be thrown in a "linear" direction and that (b) the hands will somehow jump out ahead of the lower body & energy will be lost.

Neither notion is correct. If throwing the hands can be a useful cue to some hitters (and there are some major leaguers who use that cue), they can throw the hands in a circular motion. For example, if you were to take a basketball and throw it in a side-arm motion (using both hands), the hand path would/could be quite similar to the circular hand path of a baseball swing. Throwing the hands does not automatically equate to throwing in a straight line.

There is no merit in the notion that throwing the hands somehow causes the hands to jump ahead of the hips, the hands slow down, the hips catch up & enery is lost.You yourself have said that everything rotates in unison. Believe me, Jack, if the hands are "thrown",the hips will move along in tandem. Take a stride and try throwing the hands, bat, whatever without letting the hips rotate. You really have to try hard in order for the hips NOT to come along with the hands.



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