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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Bonds the greatest

Posted by: rql () on Wed Oct 10 19:16:02 2001

Would it be fair to say that, at least in our era, Bonds would be the greatest linear hitter in baseball?
> > > > >>NO!!!
> > > What makes you think Bonds is linear?
> >
> > Well, until recently I had though of Bonds as rotational. I have numerous clips from various angles showing that he has a circular hand path. Even when a few weeks ago Bonds was quoted as saying that when he his he "throws the bat at the ball", I didn't realize there was a relationship between "throwing the bat at the ball & the hand path."
> >
> > But then, over the last day or two, Jeff and Melvin have been saying that ant hitter who "throws the bat at the ball" has a linear, not circular handpath.If this is true, then if Bonds throws the bat at the ball he has a linear hand path. So, either Bonds lied when he said he throws the bat at the ball, or Jeff and Melvin are wrong when they assert that "throwing the bat at the ball" results in a linear swing?
> >
> > Who should I believe, Bonds or Jeff & Melvin?
> >
> > Who has more credibility, Bonds or Jeff & Melvin?
> What's getting thrown at the ball-The hands,the bat or the bathead?
> What is throwing the hands,the arms extending or the arms staying fixed to the torso with torso turn throwing the hands until the bat pulls the hands ?
> What throws the bathead,arms extending,torso turning,an/or hands torquing?
> Some or all of the above? It can be confusing as with all cues.
> What is the preferred reality,what do we see? What would we like to see?Do the cues promote the desired reality?


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