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Re: Re: Re: Re: Mickey Mantle

Posted by: RQL () on Sun Oct 14 15:38:40 2001

Jack, i was wondering what great mechanics Mickey Mantle used to hit it over 600 feet, it seems like a mix of linear and rotational, a huge body foward movement, but a good hand path, and added batspeed using tht, i found a clip of his right handed swing http://www.theswearingens.com/mick/swing.htm
> > >
> > > Hi
> > >
> > > Correction the ball hit it that was the longest homerun in the major leagues ever was " 562Ft"
> >
> > Hey Guys,
> >
> > Do you think that people like Mickey Mantle and almost any good hitter in the majors are such big, strong gifted athelets that they can hit the ball hard and long without using the best mechanics?
> >
> > Is it possible that they have played for so many years and with their great athletic ability use poor mechanics and still be successful?
> >
> > Do you think that it's possible that over many years of playing that they develop little adjustments suited only to their on particular abilities and restrictions so that their swing is only for them?
> >
> > Could this be the resason for the many opionions about the "correct" swing? Could it be that there are many opinons because you are studying guys who could hit the ball hard and long standing on their head? (this is an over statement to make a point. Don't go crazy and address it) I have seen guys lunge over the plate to hit an outside pitch and put it out of the park.
> >
> > Do you think it might be possible that a 6 ft 2, 225 lbs, all mussle and bone 30 year old athlete who has been playing baseball since he was 5 years old can do things that your 5ft 1, 115 lb 14 yr old can't do?
> >
> > What do you think? huh? Do you think that it just might be possible??? Huh?
> >
> > Joe A.
> >
> >
> Joe,
> Everything you said is POSSIBLE, but not necessarily true in every case. Those hitters who use "bad" mechanics and hit the ball hard, can hit it even harder if they utilized "good" mechanics. Even though individuals may benefit by SMALL adjustments, there are certain "absolutes" that apply to the swing, which are required to hit the ball hard. Good rotation is probably the most important of these, followed by torque and a circular handpath.
> And to answer your question "Do you think it might be possible that a 6 ft 2, 225 lbs, all mussle and bone 30 year old athlete who has been playing baseball since he was 5 years old can do things that your 5ft 1, 115 lb 14 yr old can't do?": Naturally it's possible, but not if that 6 ft 2, 225 lbs, all muscle and bone 30 year old athlete who has been playing since he was 5 uses horrible mechanics. If the 14 year old uses much better mechanics, thus generating more batspeed, he will hit the ball harder. Joe, I am not doubting the benefits of strength, experience, and adjustments but simply trying to bring up a very important point: MECHANICS MEAN ALOT!!! Sure, other factors are crucial too, but if the "absolutes" for batspeed are not present in the swing, strength, experience, and adjustments can be tossed out the window.
> Also, it seems that you feel everyone on this site advocates that all ballplayers use the same swing. If this is in fact true, you bring a valid point that there is no such thing as the single "perfect" swing that everyone is looking for. Comfort and the ways to achieve comfort, and adjustments in the swing vary from individual to individual. This is going to change the appearance and style of the swing. But again I want to stress that although the swing may appear to change completely, the absolutes will still be there if it is a good swing.
> Hope this helps to put things in perspective and wasn't too confusing!
> JC
> I do not believe the perfect swing is necessary to hit the ball hard or to hit homeruns.Ex. leadoff hitter for cardinals hits a homer with a linear swing.Ripken looks alot different than Griffey in mechanics some stride some don"t Boggs and Gwynn do not hit like Mantle but their great hitters.The one thing I can say that is a constant without a doubt of all great hitters is they get the sweet spot on the middle of the ball very consistently.Giambi pulled a ball in the upper deck but he hadalot of extension at contact ,went out and got it with great timing and swing plane but his swing would have looked more like Jack"s model if he waited longer and hit it further back anddrove it to center.Perfect swing is not necessary every time to success but their are some points along the way that makes things alot easier if the hitter follows them or at least some of them.


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