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Re: Re: Weight back

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Thu Jun 24 12:32:47 2010

hello chris
. I havent seen your son hit but i belive lunging can happen when a hitter trys to keep to much weight back in the stride. a batter has to hit from a balanced postion .if a batter strides to a weight ditrubation of 60/40 or 50/50 his head will be centered over his navel and he will be on balance at heel plant , then he will be able to rotate and hit from this balanced postion. if a batter keeps his weight back. 80 percent on his back leg into his stride and and at toe touch he will still seek the balanced postion of 50/50 in his swing,and lunge foward as he is swinging .once a batters front heel goes down most fordward movement should stop also if a batter is taught to swing down this will cause lunging and if lands hard on his heel instead of the ball of the foot first the hands will lunge foward


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