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Re: Re: Jack ,a look at Jeter

Posted by: RQL () on Wed Oct 17 06:34:11 2001

>>> Jack,I have'nt still framed Jeter yet but he appears to use a method in which he oftens take s hard inside pitches the other way.Yet what I see on TV slo mo,is rotation and somewhat chp.What I think he is doing is using shoulder rotation to pull the bat around circular yet very little torque so that the barrel does not release out in front.This does allow the barrel to get inside near him yet stay behind the hands.He seems to get the same type of hits as Boggs and Gwynn,opp.field singls som doubles doing this.Haveyou noticed this and do you think he uses this as part of his motor programming when he knows he can't get the barrel in front in time,to just get it in line further back causing the slash.The main thing is he does'nt look linear with the body though maybe he is a little with the hand path right at the end once he is lined up. <<<
> Hi RQL
> I saw the swing and it looked to me just as you described it. It sure didn’t appear he was in a good position to finish with much bht. --- I thought it was interesting that the TV commentator said it “was a perfect example of an inside-out swing.” – I had always thought that an inside-out swing meant that the hands were moving from the inside to the outside. But, his hands were arcing toward 3ed base at contact. Regardless of what type of swing, the bat-head must always move from the inside-out, that’s the only way it can come around. So what does an “inside-out swing” mean and was Jeter’s swing “inside-out?”
> Jack Mankin
> I always thought inside out meant you took an inside pitch and hit it out to opp.field.Ialso thought it came from a linear swing with the hands moving forward inside the ball ahead of the barrel.Perhaps more study of Jeter would show he is rotational yet when he feels he is going to be jammed he does'nt torque the bat and it allows the barrel to get inside further back giving him time to meet the fat part of bat on the ball.If he applied torque his handle would be in the zone at contact since his timing is off.So is he a possible rotational hitter that often does not apply torque properly to create a different way of hitting inside out.Would a more complete way of describing inside out be when you bring the barrel in close to the body behind the hands yet it is angled out to opp.field.


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