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Re: Re: Re: Pure Bat Speed vs Pure Power

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sat Dec 9 00:13:54 2006

>>> If its true that stride length is directly related to bat speed then one must assume that shorter stride means less bat speed. There are lots of short striders and no striders that generate great bat speed. One can easily measure stride length on swing analysis software and see that stride length is not necessarily what causes weight transfer. Weight transfer is directly related to hip slide. There are some no striders who have just as much hip slide as striders (Jim Edmonds is one example). There is much more at work here than stride length. <<<

Hi Jim

During hip slide, the hips are in line with the direction they are sliding. Would you say that as hip slide slows to a stop, the linear momentum of the hips is transferred into angular momentum that induces hip rotation?

Try this test. Ė Slide your hips into a wall. Without engaging the muscles in the pelvic area, you will find there in no hip rotation induced as the hipís momentum is expended into the wall. The physics principles that govern bat rotation also govern hip rotation.

Your thoughts Jim

Jack Mankin


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