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Re: Re: Re: Re: Pure Bat Speed vs Pure Power

Posted by: The Hitting Guru () on Sat Dec 9 18:33:27 2006

Jack. To understand my theory on the weight shift adds power I take into consideration the following assumptions:

1. The short stride is quicker than the long stride (which gives the hitter longer time to wait and time pitches.)

2. The long stride takes a longe time to the launch position that the short stride

3. As a result of the long stride, a slightly greater pull (rubber band) effect is put on the body as it takes additional time to stretch to the launch position.

4. As a result of number 3, there is a slightly greater coiling in the load of the arms going back (as the longer the stride the greater is the tightening/twist of the stomach and upper body muscles.)

Thus if the above are assumed true, more energy is transferred to the batted ball at impact as long as the batter is able to time the pitch as well as he would be able to with the short stride.


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