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Re: Re: Joe A. Hitters Nightmare

Posted by: Jeff M (arhmobile@yahoo.com) on Thu Oct 18 12:30:08 2001

I'm not quite sure where Joe A gets his knowledge from...perhaps from years on the bench. Any way, I'm just trying to say:
> > size + form = pop.
> > size + size = strike
> > size + quick hands + form = great potential.
> >
> > Hey Joe A, if size were the only requirement, then how come Shaquille O'Niel can't hit a ball.
> Since you bring up basketball, Michel Jordan was big and fast. He stole a lot of bases when he got on base. Truely a great athlete, but in the minor leagues he just couldn't hit the ball. And the reason scouts gave to explain his failure? They said he did not have the ability to "throw the bat at the ball".Don't want to start something here, just pointing out some facts.

I agree with you that MJ had great potential prior to actually getting in the "game". Lacking proper fundamentals certainly contributed to his poor batting average. Also, I happen to believe in the concept of throwing the bat/hands at the ball.


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