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Re: Re: Todd Helton and Leg Kick

Posted by: Jeff () on Fri Oct 19 08:47:40 2001

Jack, it seems like Todd Helton uses the exact mechanics you teach, such as tht, and a front straight arm, and a direct path to the ball, it seems like you would use more of him as an example rather than Barry Bonds, and also I was wondering your thoughts on the leg kick that players suck as a-rod ramirez and helton use. sorry rql i didnt mean to sound linear i meant that his bat doesnt drag before he starts his swing, its just one quick motion, which is good because he uses his shoulders to start the swing
> > thanks Jack
> > Jeff Hitman
> What do you mean by a direct path to the ball.I thought that was considered linear in most of our terms.Just looking for clarification.


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