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Re: Re: Connection

Posted by: Maximum () on Fri Oct 19 12:32:30 2001

As I learn more about the baseball and golf swings I am seeing more similarities than differences. I see "connection" as the key.
> > In golf if you holf the right wrist angle(right handed) at the top of the swing all the way though the ball you will develop connection and compress the ball correctly at impact.
> > Watching gifs of hitters from overhead you sense this same connection of body to hands and arms.
> > What do others think about "connection"?
> > What percentage of power/speed does THT add to bat speed equation 5%,10%,20%?
> >
> >
> Hey Mb
> I think Jack said from 8-10 percent,but it can differ on the type of swing you have such as slap hitters cause they rely mainly on torque to produce batspeed. I agree that there is many similarities between the golf swing and the baseball swing, rotation around a stationary axis, inwurd turn, a front straight arm, u dont need to make it difficult though, when i practice i dont even think about the arms, I just use my legs, hips and shoulders to accelerate the bat, but make sure your front arm is straight so a slight movement of the shoulders will cause the arms to react. I wasn't quite sure on the connection thing so i gave it my best shot.
> Jeff Hitman
8-10%? I'm pretty sure Jack said torque provides half of the batspeed, or maybe it's hip/shoulderrotation I'm thinking about. Well then if 50% come from hip/shoulder rotation and 10% from torque, where does the other 40% come from?


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