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Re: Re: Re: “Debunking Linear Cues”

Posted by: BHL (Knight1285@aol.com) on Thu Dec 21 00:22:11 2006

> Jack,
> >>> Great idea debunking so please while your at it (and other posters) can you debunk or provide any logical reasons for these:
> Keep hands inside the ball? Really? I have never seen anyone "hit" the ball with their hands outside of it? So great idea reminding a hitter to do something they automatically do anyway. Seems like a ridiculous clue and needs to be replaced with what they are really trying to say (and no I don't know what it means and I know not many players can tell you what it means either).
> Please someone clarify what is meant by a level swing? What is this LEVEL suppose to be level with? Relative to what? The ground? The sky? The pitch? A spectator??? What is Level and LEVEL WITH WHAT???
> Sorry I didn't help you Jack but without seeing your dirty dozen I am hoping you include or will consider including these.<<<
> Hi T2A
> You will be happy to hear that both of your topics are covered in the DVD and also transferred to the Batspeed Motion Analysis program. We will have overhead views of the swing with lines and arcs drawn of the hand-path (both linear & CHP) and the path of the incoming ball. It will depict just what you described.
> Drawing of the bat’s tract in the swing plane will be shown from different angles. Your question, “Level with what” will be addressed.
> Jack Mankin

Hi Jack,

Working on my last article proved somewhat enervating, and I daresay that I am delighted to drop a query on your site. This will be my last post until after 2007; I wish Jack and company--as well as other posters--an eventful holiday season that segways into a great New Year's Day. "To sleep, perhaps to dream," let's make drowse the website in Shakespearean sublime delineations--sorry, I cxannot help being what I am--erudite.

At long last Jack, my question: will your motion analysis mention the "L" that should be in the back leg at contact?

This will help me evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of every "L," analyze or classify the degree subtleties, and outlight with protractor precision how far they are removed from the true "L" (a la "Plato's Ideals of Forms"), and discuss how and why the "L" effectuates power.

Hitherto, Presently, and Hence Everyone,


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