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Re: little league letters

Posted by: jima () on Fri Dec 22 14:37:38 2006

Dennis, at 37 you are writing accusatory letters to your little league coach...a volunteer, who donated time to coach kids, telling him that he comprimised your potential as baseball player because he dared to teach you to hit linearly? BTW, the therapy isn't working is it?
Yes, jima! As should all players who recieve instruction from second rate no-bodies! I don't know about you, but my parents paid league dues for 5 kids to play baseball, and a reasonable expectation that we recieved quality training, and not 'Al Bundy' two touchdown second-hand me down advice! As far as therapy, the look on a 21 year old pitcher's face when I send the ball up and over is good enough for me.

Kudo's for any volunteers effort, but first learn the game, know the swing before you think you can be an added value in an impressionable young athlete. Too many no name coaches put themselves in a 'I wrote the book' position when it comes to hitting. They punish their players by benching them when the linear technique proves itself as a useless accumalation of no definition cues. So, yes, in a world that strives in athletical achievement I think I am well in my reasonable right to criticize any coach for their mis-information.

But I think your arguement is, as I read in all your posts, is the hidden intention for you to encourage the forum posters to take a look at your forum, or the forum or website you believe in.
Are you maybe one of those other 'hit to your potential in just 1 hour' .com money hungry entrepeneuers??
Dennis, forum, website, money hungry entrepreneur? No, actually I enjoy reading Jack's forum and when I see what I consider b.s., I point it out. Also, my intentions are clear: my son took rotational hitting for 3 yrs in my opinion it leads to hitters who can't cover the plate and are one dimensional ...they handle fastballs over the inner half of plate very well...but with the exception of a few great hitters (Bonds, Williams) everyone else has trouble with soft stuff or curves. There is no one magic bullet to hitting. As a former leader in my local Little League I find it offensive that you feel it necessary to write letters to your former coach...you are 37 for God's sake......get over it.


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