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Re: Re: Re: Re: Pros bat speeds

Posted by: JERRY () on Tue Aug 3 09:59:23 2010

> Hi Joe>sorry it took me so long to get back to you about the bat speed monitor . I bought mine from a company called Setpro about 12 yrs ago.It has been a very durable machine thats been dropped banged and still works .some of the features it has are a separate timing light machine that mimicks a pitches windup and tells if the swing is on time late or early.it measures bat speed and if you put in the bat weight and pitch speed it will tell you how far the ball would travel if you hit it at the right angle.with that said.the monitor was expensive the new ones are much less costly even if they dont figure the distance the ball would have traveled for you.which I dont believe is necessary any way .one time the machines reading said I would have hit a ball 455ft .which I never could or never will so my advice is if you want to know, if your bat speed is improving. go with one of the new less costly machines .and just keep improving on the bat speed .and let real ball distance take care of it self.


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