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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: manny

Posted by: Mark H. () on Wed Oct 31 10:07:51 2001

>>> Hi Shawn:
> Good point. Pitchers try to mess up hitting mechanics.
> Manny never really recovered his mechanics, though he was a bit better by the end of the season.
> Not that the RedSox management has a clue about what they are doing, but Manny never really came out of his slump and Rick Down, the hitting coach, was fired at the end of the year.
> I can only assume they felt he wasn't getting the job done. Then they offered the job to Walt Hriniak (!@#@#%*@&#$^) who, fortunately for RedSox nation, turned it down. <<<
> Hi Major Dan & Shawn
> You both made good points, especially regarding Walt Hriniak. His influence could only be damaging to hitters with mechanics like Mannysí. I have often wondered how Michael Jordan might have faired if he had been instructed in good rotational mechanics.
> Jack Mankin

What is the history on Walt Hriniak as far as hitting mechanics?

Mark H.


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