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Re: backspin/tomahawk/sheffield/slowpitch

Posted by: Sandman () on Wed Dec 27 05:12:10 2006

Not that I've taught him to do this, but... this shot went ~240' in an 11YO All-star game last summer. Not a bad poke for a 4'10" 100-lb'er. ;)

Truthfully, I think it's partly the result of a flaw in his swing - where his initial movement of the bat is to lay it back horizontally (raising his lead elbow). IMO, he's setting the swing plane w/ his hands instead of bending over more. This gets the plane of the bat outside of the plane of his rotating torso.

Still, I can't argue w/ the results of this one, and there certainly had to be some backspin on this shot. :)

Oops! Forgot the link:


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