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Re: circular hand path

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Sat Aug 7 15:40:10 2010

I think a to b hand path gets the bottom knob end of the bat to the ball faster then circular hand path does because in a to b hand path they teach pull the knob to the front hip then let the bat head rotate into the ball. kind of what I call a 2 piece swing.first the bat head is slinging forward then when the knob reaches the front hip they rotate the bat head .but who wants that?with circular hand path the bat head is being rotated right away into the ball so I say circular hand path gets the meat of the bat to the ball faster.I also believe a to b hand path and extension can lead to lunging because by thinking to hit the ball so much out front it can get a batter jumping at the ball,with a circular hand path the batter can let the ball get deeper but the circular hand path batter does take right timing. or he will go linear in his hand path.


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