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bat speed..

Posted by: Chris (nolan.martinez@gmail.com) on Mon Aug 9 12:16:11 2010

My son just finished playing little league using a 31/21 2 1/4 barrel bat. Next year he will be playing juniors so went out to get a big barrel bat..what an experiance that was...After much shopping around we ended up with an easton speed 31/26 5 1/4 barrel (comp handle..alum barrel) and a TPX Omaha (one piece alumm)31/28 same barrel...After a good hour my son decided to go with the hevier TPX....For once he actually went for the cheaper bat because it felt better...(wow)..I felt that it would be better to ease the drop in the bat by going with the drop five and then move to a drop 3 closer to high school...Long story short we use the TPX yesterday and he was late on the pitch as I expected for the first time using it.. We have some time to start working on the bat speed....My question is what is the best way to go about it? I was thinking T- hitting, soft toss and some rapid fire soft toss...anything else I should be doing to help him out....thanks to all..


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