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Re: circular hand path

Posted by: patrick (pmgeoeiiee@yahoo.com) on Thu Aug 12 08:51:04 2010

> Recently, I have seen several sources on the Internet (many from self-proclaimed gurus) that the circular hand path is difficult to hit with (people say that you must be right on the ball) and that it leads to premature wrist rolling. I am almost completely sure that this isn't true. However, I am interested in the opinions of the rest of the members of this board. Also, what are your opinions on the a to b linear hand path? Many people say that this is the "quickest path to the ball"
This linear vs. rotational debate is getting on my last nerves. I blame ted williams for this. As a "rotational hitter" as many people believe him to be, (I do as well in theory but not in practice) he describes in TSoH that power comes not so much from the shoudlers and wrists but the from the "rotation of the hips into the ball." However, I think this statement might somewhat misinterpretated. In an interview with Ann liquori, (youtube) ted says that a hitter should LOOK to hit the ball "inside out"(not outside in) And responds "the quickest way to get to two spots is in a straight line." Now roger that.


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