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Re: Rotational vs. Linear

Posted by: jerry () on Tue Aug 17 07:38:07 2010

HI David> Any pitcher who throws to both sides of the plate changes speeds and has a good breaking ball is going to be hard on all hiters linear or rotational.I belive a rotational batter who strides,should stride to balance then rotate his bat and body under a stationary head.Not try and stay on the back leg through out the whole swing.also I disagree that linear hitting covers the corners of the plate better then rotational hitting does .take the inside fast ball for example the linear batter takes the knob end of the bat to the ball once the knob end of the bat is about even with the front hip area the batter still has to rotate the meat of the bat into the ball . if he wants to hit that pitch hard .this is what I call a two piece swing . it takes longer pull the knob first then rotate the meat of the bat into the ball.with rotational hitting the batter is rotating the meat of the bat right away not pulling the knob to about the front hip then rotating the meat of the bat into contact


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