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Re: Re: Eureka!

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sun Jan 2 21:11:34 2000

Hi Skipper

>>>Now really consider this: extension of the front arm just prior to contact causes the head of the bat to excellerate because of the suddend stop of the bottom hand<<<

In order to understand your position better, I need to clear up on a couple of points. --- In your opinion,is the lead hand slowing down or extending just prior to contact? --- In your opinion, is it the extension or the sudden stop of the bottom hand that is mainly responsible rate of acceleration?

>>> the back arm (top hand) continues to move forward, now at an excellerated rate, transfering expoientinally into the head of the bat (Eureka! - that's where batspeed comes from).<<<

I think we would agree that when the lead hand stops (relatively speaking) as the back hand applies a forward force, the resulting torque would accelerate the bat head. --- In your opinion, is there any energy other than torque responsible for generating bat speed?

Look forward to our discussion,

Jack Mankin


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