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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Babe Ruth's linear/rotational movement

Posted by: The Hitting Guru () on Thu Jan 4 15:46:17 2007

> Are you saying movements in the javelin throw are similar to the ones involved in the discuss throw or even the hammer throw? (TO A DEGREE REGARDING THE LAST STEP) Would you be of the opinion that the athletes in the discuss/hammer throws would benefit more from a long stride just prior to release or to basically develop more quickness/explosiveness in their rotational movements? (YES) In your opinion, how is the begining of the stride regarded as a timing mechanism? (SOME PEOPLE USE HITCHES BECAUSE THEIR SWINGS ARE TO EARLY (GARY SHEFFIELD) Do you see it as a domino affect where if you want the last domino to fall at a precise time you must start the first domino at a specific time in order to achieve your goal? (THEORETICALLY YES) Would turning the key to your automobile be considered a timing mechanism related to getting somewhere at a certain time or actually start moving the car be more of a timing mechanism? (IT WOULD BE MORE OF A TRIGGER) Do you believe it would be better to figure out at exactly what time you should leave in order to be able to arrive on time without having to exceed the speed limit? (THAT IS GOING TO THE EXTREME BUT SOME PEOPLE MIGHT SUBSCRIBE TO THAT THEORY (I PERSONALLY DO NOT)) Yet, another option would be to leave early then have to wait? (YOU CANNOT ANTICIPATE EVERYTHING, BUT SOME IDEA IS BETTER THAN NO IDEA) In the last scenario, your car has to stop its forward movement in order to wait. (TRUE AND AS A RESULT THE CAR ROCKS BACK- TO A DEGREE LIKE (some) ROTATIONAL HITTERS ROCK BACK AFTER A GOOD SWING (Barry Bonds))

Good questions!


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