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Re: Seeing The Ball

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Fri Aug 20 12:47:59 2010

hi Rodey>I would first have her eyes checked out by a doctor .even if she has 20/20 eyesite there are other little things like stigmatism that makes hitting a moving ball squarely more diffucult then it already is. once you know her eye site isnt the problem you can go from there.about ten yrs ago I did send away to a mail order eye program supposedly rmade by a eye dr designed for seeing the ball better.what I got from the program was a batter has to look at the ball with two eyes .so much so that your eyes almost cross as the ball is approaching example hold your pointing finger away from you at full arms length now slowly move the finger closer to you but make sure you are watching the finger with both eyes as the figer gets closer if you are watching with both eyes your eyes almost cross.he said your are supposed to look at thngs with two eyes. when batting, the things that stop you from looking with two eyes that I can think of are in the stance not turning your head enough to see the pitcher with both eyes.and turning your head as you swing.good hitters almost seem like they keep there nose on the ball into bat ball contact


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