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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hitting the outside pitch with authority

Posted by: The Hitting Guru () on Fri Jan 5 13:41:58 2007

> >>> Jack. Thanks for bringing that to my attention as I errored in my thought/post. I made an inherent assumption that the outside pitch debate was connected to hitting the ball to the opposite field.
> In addition, my post was especially tied to helping the linear hitter. As such the linear hitter who waits will maximize his power to the opposite field by letting the ball get deeper toward the plate. In this way he can take a full cut to the ball rather than trying to meet the ball at the exact time by casting his arms outward. This assumes that the linear hitter benefits by a long sweep because to him the sweep (longer momentum ads to his power). Thus by swinging later on the outside pitch, he adds to power he would have lost by casting (and likely popping up the pitch and or hitting it weakly.) <<<
> Hi Guru
> You are right. Your approach would be best for linear hitters. And since more batters are linear, it is probably the best advice for the average hitter.
> Jack Mankin


Perhaps, but the key is to wait (excercise patience) on the ball rather than dive with the hands. This concept of waiting would apply to rotional as well as linear hitters. And to not wait is to prematurely roll the hands for an easy ground out and or double play with runners on base.

This also assumes that the hitter has to keep his mechanics consistent whether he starts his swing on time or not. Often what many hitters do when their timing is late is that they try to collapse other parts of the swing (or lock out the back leg- Frank Thomas) in an effort to catch up to the pitch. Barry Bonds does a great job in finishing his swing whether his is on time or late. This is why he is still able to make solid contact (most of the time)while other hitters strike out when their timing is late.


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