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What is best bat speed mph

Posted by: David (david.pruitt@me.com) on Mon Aug 23 19:51:19 2010

In trying to figure out the optimum bat length and weight most all articles say go as long and as heavy as you can while still maintaining correct swing mechanics and bat speed. I don't see any article which lists what the average or the optimum bad speeds are by age group. We went to a purchase a bat and they had a device in the batting cage to measure bat speed and I could see a 1-2 mph drop as we changed to different length and weight bats but I don't know at what point we say the bat speed is too slow without seeing him swing at actual pitched balls.

For a 10 year old playing minors (46' to mound), what is the minimum in mph you would want for bat speed?

I think the pitches range from 45mph to 60mph.


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