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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Why rotational hitter strike out alot

Posted by: jima (andyii@cox.net) on Mon Jan 8 18:31:19 2007

Jimmy, as you are finding out the vast majority of the posters here are one-trick pony's who if you don't agree with their rotational bias will dismiss you as a no count, behind the times, linear instructor. They love to name call. The problem is most never played competitive baseball at a higher level than little league but are convinced that they would have been Barry Bonds if only someone had taught them rotational hitting. I've probably been around rotational hitting instructors more than any of them where most of their experience is watching videos and trying to replicate it with their siblings. You've explained, much better than I, that effective hitting incorporates both linear and rotational mechanics...they don't want to hear it and will find numerous clips to support what they think is going on. Maybe we both should give it a rest and let them pat each other on the back while they doom their kids and players to great power to left field and little else. jima


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