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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Fence Drill

Posted by: Skipper (csu2727@yahoo.com) on Mon Jan 3 17:15:03 2000

Very interesting observations concerning the fence drill and circular / summation of force. Let me explain. And please take no offense here but I don't think you are looking at the swing from a stand point of game performance but rather lab performance.

If the ball was stationary or traveled at relativly the same speed and location each time, I would be remis not to agree with a big, circular and accelerating (because: F=MA) swing. This would be a good swing if we were building an experiment or hitting slowpitch softball (which is an experiment all it's own). The problem is in the player's ability to make quick, late adjustments in his swing because the pitcher makes the ball do funny things at different speeds.

If the optimum power swing was taken utilizing all the things that you described so well, I would get your butt out on a regular basis. If any of us knew what pitch was coming and where it would be, we would all be taking much bigger and more powerful swings.

Fine motor movement at the last possible instance is a must. That is what the drill assists the hitter in doing, having the best power with the best bat control. You can have a little more power with a bigger (more circular) swing but you better be a good guesser.

Have a good one,


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