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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: What we

Posted by: Jimmy () on Sun Jan 14 11:50:58 2007

> Confusion is probably in and around "the top of the swing".
> There is preswing and swing. Some hitters have a lot of preswing. Some have a litte.
Some have none.
> The preswing or running start is very good and if used should be rearward. As the
barrel turns the corner of that rearward arc, and the "go" decision is made, it should be
immediate launch and spend. Continue the barrel around that arc but immediatley apply
all energy.
> Many hitters hit from a static hand position. Michael Tucker is a good example. He
immediatley launches and spends" at the top of his swing. He sends the barrel rearward at
> www.teachersbilliards.com/hitzone/mtucker.gif


I saw in your post to Jack that you figured some things out watching J.D. Drew one night,
then you swung a bat and had it all figured out. Thats great and all and like I said before
you do have some idea about some characteristics of a good swing. But I have hit,
currently teach, and watch a high level of baseball every day. And the reason I'm in this
discussion room is to try to learn more myself. And I have, but in this case I think you
should reconsider your views.

I want you to pick up your bat again and have it ready to swing. When you load do you
stop or pause at all before you actually swing? Or does your swing continuously start
foreward after the rearward movement of your load? If you are stopping or have any
jerking action than this is where you can improve your approach and your thoughts on the

It is much like if a pitcher started his wind-up nice and fluently continued through and
then after his hands broke and at the point of touchdown with his front foot he stopped
his delivery and tried to expend all energy at the start of his arm action. The continuous
controlled motion is what allows for accuracy and armspeed through release (accuracy and
batspeed through contact for the hitter). Even Tucker applies more force to the bat after
the initial foreward movement of the barrel.

You are right in stating that some hitters have more preswing than others but the best of
them have a more controled start than the average to below average hitters. This is huge
in strike zone discipline. They don't guess and they don't feel rushed when they recognize
a pitch to drive.



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