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Re: Re: Machines that pitch

Posted by: fat pete () on Wed Sep 8 08:13:26 2010

hi bank.I dont think that kid that said he improved his High school batting avg from200hds to the 600hds after he became employed at the batting cages was lying at all .the cages are spacious and you can see how far the balls would go. he was really driving pitch after pitch . as well as i ever saw. and you just cant lie about that. as a matter of fact I kinda of pulled the hitting info out of him/ I was curious to know myself if extended hitting time in a batting cage would really help a batter improve.thats when he told me how much he though it helped him. his batting avg went up 400 pts in a yr I do realize that we live in the northeast where the baseball not as good as in the warmer weather.and thats maybe were some of that 600something batting avg came from, and that he had to have the potential to hit the ball like that in the first plce but so many swings brought it out. I do know a good hitter when I see one and that kid was one . I saw Pedro Alverez
now with the pitts pirates a few yrs back take one swing when he was HS and i knew he was going to be payed to play. and yes I did ask the kid at the cages if any major league scouts had had contacted him he said they did but he had bad knees and couldnt run well.which the scouts dont like.so i think plenty of swings batting practice and cages do help a batter reach his true potential where ever that may be.


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