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Re: Re: Machines that pitch

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Wed Sep 8 09:10:16 2010

HI RONNIE>I have seen some very impressive commerical pitching machine .There is a machine I think called pro pitcher .IT is a large movie screen that a pitcher goes into a full windup and the ball is released out of the pitchers hand like a real pittcher would throw. the screen can be set so the hitter can face a lefty or righty pitcher.It throws fastballs to all location of the plate up 100 mph 12 to6 curve balls. and is easy to change the pitch sequence and pitch speeds from pitch to pitch .this way a batter if he chooses could face a 90 mph fast ball high and tight 75 mph curve ball low and a 78 mph change up on the outside corner but they say the machine is very expensive and high maintence


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