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Re: Re: Re: Late swing

Posted by: Jim (jwelborn@lexcominc.net) on Sat Jan 20 18:57:49 2007

> > >>> Does anybody have any tips and/or drills to correct a late swing. My boy, who is almost 11, has always swung late. He has a nice quick swing but is always behind the ball, when he connects it almost always a ground ball to the right side or many times a foul ball to the right. I have spoke to him about picking up where the ball is coming from and also where he should be making contact to pull the ball. His corrected eyesight is fine.
> >
> > Please help anybody!!!! <<<

Hi Keith,

What you describe sometimes confronts us in our middle school fastpitch program, especially with some of our younger, less experienced girls.

The following corrects the problem:

Drill, drill, drill good rotational swing mechanics. Pay close attention to what is happening PRIOR to rotation. Concentrate on a good, early, exaggerated negative move. The problem is almost always associated with mechanical flaws throughout the swing, which creates slow bat speed, which makes it difficult for your son to read the pitcher and start soon enough.

Next, a pitching machine drill that we use will definately help. I'll describe it in our terms and you can make adjustments accordingly. Our pitching distance is 40 feet with the release point being about 37 feet. Fastball speeds where the problem begins to occur are typically 54+ with 7th graders. With the machine set at 37 feet and throwing 54-55, we place a secondary plate 10 feet closer to the machine. The batter then takes a few cuts at the normal plate. We then move her to the secondary plate and have her take no more than 5-6 cuts. We PUT PRESSURE ON HER to speed up while at the secondary plate. She then moves back to the normal plate. We quickly see timing improvement.

It is VERY important while feeding the pitching machine that you be consistent in the way you feed. Your son needs to create a successful timing mechanism with pitching machine drills the same way he does with a live pitcher.

With 11-12 year olds I would guess they're seeing fastball speeds in the low 50's pitched from 46 feet by the higher level pitchers.

We occasionally use the same two plate drill with our varsity girls, sometimes actually setting the machine on 70 with the same 37' distance to the normal plate. These high school girls develop the ability to successfully handle game speed fastballs in the mid-60's range. That's the same as D1 college fastpitch.

Good luck and BE PATIENT with your son. As he matures, he will improve.



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