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Re: Re: Line Drives with Backspin revisited

Posted by: The Hitting Guru () on Sun Jan 21 17:05:57 2007

> > With regard to the comments posed by Melvin, I cannot clearly agree or disagree with
> regard to baseball. But I have seen first hand slow pitch 16 inch softballs that have a knuckle
> spin travel for long homeruns. And in such instances, some were the longest hits that those
> players produced. From the initial hit the balls just seemed to keep on going after the initial
> flush hit.
> Guru,
> Do you think that there has ever been a knuckle-spin home run in the Major Leagues?
> Jimmy

Yes. But from the naked eye it is harder to track the spin of a baseball off the bat as it is a 16 inch softball.


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