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Re: Re: Re: Late swing

Posted by: Coach Moore (williemays2000@yahoo.com) on Mon Jan 22 08:50:43 2007

I think it's a little more comprehensive then just swing mechanics, as Jack suggests, although they can certainly play a part.
One there's nothing wrong with going the opposite way if you hit the ball with authority, in fact there's some pretty good hitters who make a living doing it. There's also a very good case made for going to the opposite field with younger players. Most pitchers at the 9-12 age range throw most of their pitches to the outside of the plate. They have a tendency to pick up the hitter and throw away from him. Also at the younger levels your best players are usually the pitchers, who are bigger and stronger and dominate their peers. This is where mechanics come in to play. I think if your really interested in information on how to improve your son's mechanics, it would pay to invest in some video's by the coaches who have spent a life time putting together momumental amounts of information and passion on the subject. As a coach of 40 yrs., having 4 of my players play major league baseball and another 15-20 at the minor league level, I have depended on the work of others to create a base for my program. Mankin, Sain, Bogonzi, Petricca & others. The information they provide will save you hours, they have done all the hard work and provide this work at very reasonable prices and I appreciate and applaud their efforts. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. Coach Moore


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