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Posted by: machias () on Mon Jan 22 16:26:17 2007

I have studied BONDS swing and watched tape on him for hours,for any one who doesnt understand what a rotion swing is, do your self a favor and just exhaust his swing. his HIPS OPEN AND HIS SHOULDERS BLAST THROUGH THE THE ZONE GIVING HIM THE BEST BAT SPEED IN BASEBALL!! Now what about the players who have alot a foward movement,all i can say is they cost themselves alot of BAT SPEED. fOR instance look at the big hurt frank thomas swing,this is a good example of a linear swing,if he would just stay back on the ball instead of trying to move towards it his BAT SPEED WOULD INCREASE,im not saying hes not a good hitter, he has a hall of fame career with that type of swing. So all you young hitters out there dont use that foward shift swing,do what bonds does and lift up that lead foot then place it down pointed toward the pitcher,and let your upper body rotate,and the hands will go through the hitting zone with such power,you can be fooled on a pitch and still hit it out because with a pure rotation swing you can see the ball longer!


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