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Re: Re: Re: Should hitters guess what the pitcher will throw?

Posted by: Jimmy () on Mon Jan 22 22:22:52 2007

> > > Just wanted to start a discussion on types of plans hitters can take to the plate, and
how the swing is related to the plan of the hitter. Does anyone feel that hitters should
know what pitches are comming? Or are there any "see ball, hit ball" guys out there? I
would also like to hear some different ideas on two strike approaches. Please share with
me your thoughts.
> > >
> > > Thanks,
> > >
> > > Jimmy
> >>
> > ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> > Jimmy. Guessing at the plate is a lot about having a feel of a pitcher's tendencies
which include the count, how the particular hitter is swinging the bat, the pitcher's
confidendence, as well as the game situation.
> >
> > It is of course important to also know what pitches the hitter can put in play hard. EX.
If a hitter is facing a guy who has in exceptional curve, it would probably make more sense
to look for a fastball up to two strikes.
> >
> > With regard to knowing what pitch is coming, that would have to be seen as an
advantage in most cases though some hitters have said they don't wish to know. Also, if a
pitcher is tipping his pitches, why not take an advantage?
> >
> > I guy like Ken Griffey Jr. (or many hitters whwhen going well) probably did not care
what pitch was coming.
> >
> > With regard to hitting with two strikes that is completely up in the air. Old school
hitters shunned at the idea of the strike out. They considered that to be the ultimate
defeat to a large degree. But a lot depends on the player's role. For if a guy has
demonstrated the skill of power hitting it may warrant him not to cut down his swing,
expecially if he is a 3,4, or 5 hitter in the line up. One would have to think the lead off or
number 2 hitter has to have a contact first mentality in an effort to move the runners.
> >>As guru said there are many variables in educated guessing.There is even the
question of guessing either in or out vs.fb or curveball.Generally the avg. hitter looks fb
and as the count gets more favorable he gets more aggressive in a smaller zone,and
broadens the zone in less favorable counts,this is very basic explanation,but the 2 strike
swing for me was to try to get in a position to hit up and away to down and in and be able
to look fb and read curve.This gets in depth if anyone wants me to take the time I will try
to concise it in step by step


Do you agree that the best pitches to drive are in the middle part of the plate (mistakes)?
Do you think the hitter could simplify his plan by looking for a pitch in the middle third of
the plate until he gets to two strikes? And would you consider an 0-1 count as a hitters
count? Should hitters be more aggressive 2-0 and 3-1 than they are 0-0 and 0-1? Should
there be a difference?



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