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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Weight Training in off-season

Posted by: Jimmy () on Sat Jan 27 18:46:14 2007

> > Tarheel,
> >
> > You couldn't be more wrong. The ability to be consistent is the most wanted
> > that managers and coaches look for and want in a hitter. If a hitter hits 10 home runs
> > first half of the season but hits none the second half because he had no endurance
> > training in his lift routine, he has not reached his power potential for those equally
> > important games later in the season. The last game is just as important if not more
> > important than the first game of a season, so training for just one short burst is not
> > way to go. The season is not a sprint, nor is it a marathon, but it is a marathon of
> > Training like a power lifter will shorten the life of that power in a long baseball
> >
> > Jimmy
> Jimmy the facts I posted came straight out of Gene Colemans (strength and conditioning
coach for the Houston Astros) 52 week baseball training book. I literally wrote the exact
words out of the training manuel. If you want to disagree with that kind of experience than
be my guest.


You obviously took the words from that manuel out of context because I know for a fact
no big leaguer would ever train like that exclusively. Sorry, but I'm really good friends
with many Major League strength and conditioning coaches and I think you may have
misunderstood what you have read regarding baseball specific workouts.



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