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Re: Forearms

Posted by: besh (dsod_00@yahoo.com) on Sat Dec 1 09:00:46 2001

A couple of things that may help. One, take a weight (I use 10lb) tie a rope to it through the hole, tie the other end to a thick dowel. Now hold your arms out in front of you and raise and lower the weight by rolling the dowel in your hands.

Another thing I have is the Dynaflex ball that I got at a sporting goods store. It's a ball with a gyroscope inside. You get the gyroscope going and by 'rolling' your hand, you keep it rotating. This works the whole arm and after a short time (just a couple of minutes) you can feel your arm burning. Depending on how much of your arm you put into it seems to affect which part of the arm gets the work


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