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Re: Re: Process of extension

Posted by: Dog (dawg11@flash.net) on Mon Jan 3 22:22:50 2000

> >>> Hello to all: All good hitters finish the process of extension. The top arm is not fully extended on contact, there is an obvious bend in the elbow. Then contact is made letting the down the middle ball reach the front half of the plate.
> > Hit through the ball and finish the process of extension. Now questions for all, what about the inside pitch? How much of a bend in the top arm, or is there a bend at all? regards-dog<<<
> Hi Dog
> I do not agree with you regarding the lead arm being bent and extending at contact. At least for the better hitters. --- Please read "Wrist Action or Torque" (Batspeed Research) and tell me what you think.
> Jack Mankin
> Hi Jack, I read your "wrist action or torque" research once again, and I agree with your information. I believe you confused what I was saying, I said the TOP arm not the lead arm is normally bent on contact. This is the push through the ball I am correlating to the "process of extension". humbly-dog


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