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For the golf nut

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Mon Dec 3 08:20:55 2001

It seems like the front leg is used to generate more batspeed than the back leg. it seems like the front leg has a pulling action, while the bag leg has a little pushing action.
> > the hitman
> If there is a linear component to the lower body movement, it would be as you say - front leg pulls, back leg pushes, although I'd think the push would be the main contributor.
> However, the legs add power mostly by torquing the hips. This is done best by the front leg pushing back and the back leg pushing forward- thus turning the hips in between.

Check out Tiger's new book.Especially the chapter on hitting the driver.To get an extra 20 yards when he really wants to"let the big dog eat" he focusses on snapping the front leg straight after turning the hips as fast as possible on the down swing.Elsewhere there is also an illustration of the Epstein type torque position.He gets an angle of almost 90 degrees!


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