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Re: Re: Teams using rotational mechanics in fastpitch

Posted by: () on Mon Dec 3 09:41:32 2001

I have read posts from Shawn here and elsewhere where he mentions that the U OF W team is rotational and I am pretty sure Temple teaches their hitters rotational mechanics.Can anyone tell me any other D1 schools where these mechanics are taught or accepted?
> Larry-
> I do not know of any.You might ask at Epstein's site because he has worked with coaches that are interested.What I do see is some coaches who know enough to leave good rotational kids alone-kids like Nelson at Cal or Topping,was at UW,now at Fullerton.The problem is when they go out of form(which everyone does)they can really get messed up trying to get back on track since the principles are not well understood.


If I remember correctly, Candrea was reported to have bought Epstein's tapes?

Mark H.


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