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Why the deleted post?

Posted by: Sergio () on Tue Dec 4 19:33:24 2001


Recently I made the following post: "Hi. I was wondering how I go about joining your club. I think I understand the rules but I want to be sure I understand them correctly.

Rule # 1 Only top hand torque and circular hand path may be discussed.

Rule # 2 Any discussion that challenges the sacred tenenants of top hand torque and circular hand path is prohibited.

Rule # 3 If anyone points out an inconsistency in top hand torque or circular hand path, club members should do one of the following: (A) get defensive and attack the credibility of the challenger (B) ignore the facts and the poster and confine the discussion to believers only (C) arrange for the post to be deleted.

Do I understand the club rules correctly?

On second thought, I don't think I want to join your club after all."

Now, I know there might be just a trace of sarcasm in the post, but nevertheless there is truth to everything I said. I would like to know just one false statement I made.

Thank you


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