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Re: Re: Re: Aaron and tht adjustment for pitch location

Posted by: ddavies (dan_davies@hp.com) on Wed Dec 5 09:47:11 2001

Got this url from a post on Setpro. (Thanks gstock)
> > > [url]http://www.beabetterhitter.com/text/development/coiling/coilingframe2.htm [/url]
> > >
> > > The article is interesting and in the ballpark. I mention it here because the author refers to the top hand elbow and the timing of the tuck as the difference between pulling an inside pitch and hitting an outside pitch away.
> > > Although the angle isn't great, it appears to be Jack's theory applied - Aaron adjusts his back elbow angle before tuck to apply tht in the direction of the pitch contact.
> > > The author shows the tuck happening one frame later on the outside pitch. I think I see the elbow moving back (rotating away from home plate) for the one extra frame.
> > > Anyone else see this? or something else?
> >
> > Great clips.Would be better with Jack's analysis instead of the ones there which could be construed as encouraging attempting to alter the stride consciously as a method of adjusting.This stride adjustment is not compatible with good rotational mechanics.
> >
> > Each swing should start the same as Jack has described.The front foot/toe touches when the ball is about halfway to the plate.By this time the location has been recognized to a large degree.For the inside pitch you have to start turning right away.Top hand torque has not proceeded very far and this is a "low load" situation.Turn is sooner and faster-more shoulder turn before contact.Near contact the premium is on bottom hand torque maintaining the circular hand path or even tightening its arc as the hands circle in front of the body.You can even start turning before toe touch or before weight bearing in the front foot which can result in a more open stride landing or more open front foot.Conscious;y striding open,on the other hand,encourages a linear swing with "clearing " of the hips.
> >
> > The second clip has basically same mechanics with torso turn being slower/later.Bottom hand torque still important with torso rotating into contact maintaining circular handpath.Neither of these is an outside enough location to require casting by the time of contact.You can see what this looks like(some casting to get sweetspot on outside location) on the Nomar clip at:
> >
> > www.setpro.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000394.html
> Hey, I dont think hitting an outside pitch has to be this difficult!!! You simply rotate later and extend with the back arm. But I dont understand how u can say striding open encourages lineaer with the clearing of the hips, can u clarify?
> The Hitman

One thing I noticed from the clip is how far Hank's head/body moved towards the pitcher. He seemed to combine a linear body movement (first) with hip/shoulder/hand rotation (finish).


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