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Re: Question on bat speed measurement

Posted by: The Hitting Guru () on Sun Feb 4 20:38:28 2007

> My son's travel team measures bat speed with the swing mate radar placed in front of the batter. The batter swings toward the radar.
> My son's bat speed is slightly above average on his team of 13 year olds, but my son hits the ball farther(line drives) than anyone on the team. He does not lift wieghts and as few boys on the team do and is just above average hieght and wieght. Almost everyone on the team used the same -5/31" stealth last year.
> Is it possible that the radar is not measuring speed at point of contact and he may have a better relative bat speed at point of contact? Or is there another factor besides bat speed that could cause this sitution.


The other factor would be lower body mechanics/strength or he may be hitting the ball on the sweet spot of the more frequently. Just one of many possible factors to consider.


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