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Re: Re: overstriding

Posted by: jvb (jbilbao102@aol.com) on Fri Oct 1 13:37:48 2010

Have your player start at his regular stance then stride. Stop and mark his sride, then move his stride foot back the amount you want his stride. This is his new stance. Feet further apart.> > I have a 13 year old player who bats lefty, He has a bad habit of overstriding during a pitch. As a result, his timing and power has been effected. Does anyone have any ideas or drills to correct this problem.
> I would have him understand why he is overstriding. Sometimes overstriding might be a problem, sometimes its only part of the problem, and sometimes its not a problem at all. But to answer your question, using a bucket as a marker would help or tieing some rope around his feet as an indicator of actual stride length.


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