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Re: Re: coaching hitting mechanics

Posted by: Jimmy () on Thu Feb 8 19:11:33 2007

> "Hitters are all individuals and do not use just two different mechanics. As a matter of fact the number of mechanics that are taught by good coaches is uncountable...Doesn't anyone realize that no two hitters are going to be or try to be exactly alike in their approach or swing mechanics. So why do you try to catagorize hitting mechanics into just two categories (linear/rotational)?"
> This sounds good, but it's not based on facts.
> The facts are that every human body works pretty much the same and the laws of physics are also remarkably consistent. As a result, there is one approach which is used by most high-level hitters (aka rotational hitting). People who don't use that approach generally don't make it to the highest levels as a result.


The facts are that every hitter is programed differently in terms of feel and swing-thoughts. So if anyone thinks that we as coaches should clone hitters to swing one way, then they are not a very good example of a good coach.

Tell me that every hitter that you have ever coached has honestly felt and understood only one term that you've used to get an idea across to them. I really doubt it.

Show me two hitters in the Big Leagues that are exactly alike on film and I garantee you that those same two hitters were trying to feel something different or to different extents.

So why would we teach only one set of terms and one "style" of swinging.



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