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Re: Re: Re: Re: how well is the new swing trainer actually working?

Posted by: Jonny (offother@uahoo.com) on Thu Oct 7 11:44:03 2010

Hi Jack, got my Connector in the mail and used it myself on dry swings, the heavy bag and then onto tee work. My swing is quite good so I felt no uncumfort or unusual movement at all. It fit my mechanics like a glove. Next I used it on one of my students. First the heavy bag, then a hitting stick , then full dry swings [here I instructed to let the top hand release on follow through], and finally onto live pitching. We had an unbelievable session of about sixty balls in various locations. She was amazed and commented that it actually felt like what I had been preaching forever. The device seems to allow the torso to rotate to any pitch in or out with tremendous results. If there is concern with the follow through just instruct the hitter to let go of the top hand. If you are using it on live pitching use a long sleeve shirt because on bare skin it is uncomfortable after extensive use. I think this puppy is finally going to put the linear/rotation debate to bed.


>>> When do you think that video will come out? <<<
> Hi Scott
> We should finish the taping and editing this weekend and have the video available next week. A link to the video will be e-mailed to those that have purchased the "Connector." I have found the drills and principles presented effective in helping students burn-in rotational mechanics.
> Jack Mankin


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